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Kingdom Underground


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release date: 09.23.08

Singer-songwriter Matt Duke is set to release his new album Kingdom Underground; a thoroughly engaging collection of ten intelligent, literate folk-based pop songs that exude a unique playfulness while tackling some often weighty topics.

A self-taught musician and modern day troubadour from South Jersey, the 23 year old Matt Duke is an undeniable talent. An avid reader who's been described as an "old soul," Duke has carefully crafted an album that touches upon spiritual unrest (the soaring first single "The Father, The Son and The Harlot's Ghost,") addiction ("I've Got Atrophy On The Brain") and failed relationships ("Walk It Off"). The naked intimacy of "Rabbit" is so compelling and hushed it could have a librarian leaning in to hear better.

Whether with tenderness, torment, or turbulence, Matt Duke renders each of the songs on Kingdom Underground as if its emotional content is as fresh and new as the moment he first experienced it. He is, quite simply, a natural.

Track listing:
1. The Father, The Son, and The Harlot's Ghost
2. Sex and Reruns
3. 30 Some Days
4. I've Got Atrophy On The Brain
5. Rabbit
6. Opossum
7. A Happy Hooligan
8. Rose
9. Walk It Off
10. Spilt Milk