BILL HICKS Live: Satirist, Social Critic, Stand Up Comedian
Live: Satirist, Social Critic, Stand Up Comedian


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release date: 10.26.04

Bill Hicks Live is the first official DVD release from the legendary and beloved comedian.

Since Bill died in 1994, his work has reached a new audience and he has become a powerful cult figure. For these fans who never had the opportunity to see Bill in person, this DVD will be a revelation. The DVD captures Bill at his very best, with three of his legendary filmed performances:

One Night Stand from the Old Vic Theatre in Chicago (approx 30 minutes)

Revelations from the Dominion Theatre in London (approx 65 minutes)

Relentless, Bill's breakout performance at the Montreal Comedy Festival (approx 70 minutes)

The DVD focuses on his incredible live act, with Hicks hilariously assaulting the stage and the audience with a non-stop cornucopia of insights into our twisted world; the government, the military, the police, religion, smoking, pornography, drugs and of course, for those of you who are getting antsy, a couple of dick jokes.

As a bonus, the documentary "Just A Ride" surveys Bill's remarkable career with insights from his peers; including Brett Butler, Eddie Izzard, Richard Jeni, Jay Leno, David Letterman and Thea Vidale. (approx 45 minutes)

Total running time: approx 3.5 hours of pure, unadulterated Hicks.