MATT DUKE Acoustic Kingdom Underground EP
Acoustic Kingdom Underground EP


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1. Kingdom Underground
2. The Father, The Son And The Harlot's Ghost
3. Walk It Off
4. Sex And Reruns
5. Ash Like Snow
6. Rabbit


release date: 06.30.09

Acoustic Kingdom Underground EP - Out June 30th!

The Acoustic EP features six tracks that were largely inspired by Matt's literary experiences. Although he dropped out of college after "15 minutes," he has used many great novels as a jumping-off point for many of his finest tunes.

"Kingdom Underground" - "This is the end result of me trying to be creative. I wanted to do a concept album based on Milton's Paradise Lost, and this song is a re-telling of the creationist story of Adam and Eve, told from the perspective of Satan. It didn't really fit on the album [Kingdom Underground] but we snuck it on there as a hidden track at the start."

"The Father, The Son and the Harlot's Ghost" - "This one is loosely based on a really, really great book called Trinity by Leon Uris. I grew up Roman Irish Catholic and in this book, the protagonist is going through some spiritual unrest and questioning his faith."

"Walk It Off" - "This one is based on my experiences and those of my friends. [The original version] was kind of abrasive and up-tempo, so we made it more somber for the acoustic EP. The guy is still pretty pissed, but he's deflated and despondent. I hardly ever write break-up songs, but this one ended up being dialogue -- the incoherent rambling of two people."

"Sex and Reruns" - "I wrote this the day before I left L.A. Partly inspired by Don DeLillo's White Noise, it centers around being susceptible to choosing short-term solutions for our long-standing issues. I was thinking about how we avoid the human touch and find comfort in all the wrong things."

"Ash Like Snow" - "I was stuck in the Nashville airport for 25 hours and I read Ayn Rand's We the Living, and this song is based on that. Two people lamenting over their city - it's changing for the worse - and they feel completely helpless. It passed as a holiday song once I likened the embers of crashing buildings to falling snow. That was a creative leap."

"Rabbit" - Based on the Harry Angstrom character from John Updike's Rabbit series, Rabbit Run in particular. "But it's also based on my personal experiences and how I felt years ago. Harry Angstrom is a total jerk, but you do empathize with him in a perverse way."