Sane Man


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release date: 11.22.05
Sane Man documents the unleashing of a major force in comedy!

The amazing comedian Bill Hicks passed away in 1994, but his legend continues to grow. This DVD shows a turning point in Hick's development. Sane Man is the first filmed document of a complete Bill Hicks performance; shot in 1989 - before Bill recorded his first comedy album. A newly-sober Hicks paces the stage like a wild animal, riffing effortlessly on a variety of his favorite topics. Bill's performance is unpredictable, beyond edgy and so focused you have to see it to believe it.

This is the first ever DVD release of this historic performance film, with a major upgrade and bonus extras!

  Includes rare Hicks material, not heard on previous releases
  Bonus extras include:
1. Outtakes from Sane Man
2. Hicks Biography
3. Previously unseen footage from the Outlaw years in Houston
4. Hicks as Elvis (in full suit!)
5. "Hicks on TV" essay
6. ...and a few surprises!

Steet Date: 12/06/05