Kennedy Parties On

Today we party, and not just because life is a party, but also because Cordless purveyor of all things electrotrash and pop, Kennedy, gives us a new album, appropriately titled, Life Is A Party.

Quick! Click to your left on the "New Sounds of '09" icon and grab a free mp3 of the track, John and Yoko. It will not only make you want to dance away your afternoon but also features the windpipes of French mademoiselle dancepop darling, Yelle.

Want more Kennedy? Okay, we can't resist those pleading puppy dog eyes. You can stream the entire record at last fm. What's that you say? The song "Karate" sounds familiar? Save yourself the googling, because you probably heard it in the movie Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist and you can hear it again in the upcoming indie flick Saint John of Las Vegas, starring Steve Buscemi and Sarah Silverman. You know what, since you asked, we'll also throw in a free download of "Karate" over at that last fm link. See? We told you we were partying today.


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